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Saint John Paul II Relic


St. Joseph Parish is very blessed to have a first class relic of Saint John Paul II.  It was presented to the parish community at a special celebration on October 20, 2013.  Pictures of the celebration can be seen below. 



Document Translation


The Petition of the cause of the Beatification and Canonization of Blessed John Paul II P.M. 
To all and each individual who will see these present letters, I myself do  act in good faith and testify that I, to the greater glory of God and the  veneration of His Saints, extracted a particle from the blood of Blessed  (Pope) John Paul II, placed the same [particle of blood] in a round gilded  silver case, properly closed it, bound it with a cord of red silk and sealed it with the stamp of Petition, and delivered it over with the faculties that it is to be retained and exposed for the public veneration of the faithful,  according to the standard of Canon Law. In faith of which, I have made  ready these testimonial letters, signed by me and also sealed with the  stamp of Petition.  
Rome, 1 May 2011

Biography of Saint John Paul II - National Shrine



Prayer for the Intercession of St. John Paul II

O Blessed Trinity, we thank you
for having graced the Church with
Saint John Paul II and for allowing
the tenderness of your fatherly care,
the glory of the Cross of Christ
and the splendor of the Spirit of love
to shine through him.
Trusting fully in your infinite mercy
and in the maternal intercession of Mary,
he has given us a living image of
Jesus the Good Shepherd.
He has shown us that holiness
is the necessary measure of ordinary
Christian life and is the way of
achieving eternal communion with you.
Grant us, by his intercession,
and according to your will,
the graces we implore,
through Christ our Lord. Amen.



Pope John Paul II's favorite hymn was "Lord When You Came to the Seashore".  

Presentation of Relic & Installation of Fr. Matthew

October 20, 2013

Photos courtesy of Michael Skolosh Photography

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