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Lay Leaders of Prayer

Congratulations to new Lay Leaders of Prayer from St. Joseph Parish in Alliance, Mrs. Suzanne Dennis and Mrs. Kathy Wallace.  

Suzie Dennis and Kathy Wallace join other Lay Leaders of Prayer including Margaret Bowman, Larry Gatts, Michael Johnson and Linda Schneider.


Leaders of Prayer are lay persons commissioned to lead the faithful in acts of worship which in the past were most often led by the ordained clergy but which may be also led by lay people.  Among these services are Morning and Evening Prayer, Liturgy of the Word with or without the distribution of Holy Communion, devotions, the vigil service and rite of committal from the Order of Christian Funerals, and in an emergency, Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest.  Leaders of Prayer are commissioned not only to lead currently scheduled acts of worship in the parish in the absence of a priest but also to expand the opportunities for communal prayer.  They are commissioned for a period of three years for service in their parish under the direction of the pastor.


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